4 Winning Strategies to Increase Traffic in 2021


As we focus on what’s ahead for 2021, I wanted to share four strategies that will help bring traffic to your properties during the winter season and beyond. Sure, it’s a competitive market, but you can stand out from the competition by following these tips. Let’s get started.

#1—Review Your Google My Business Listing for Enhancements

With the steady rise in 2020 of “Near Me” searches on Google, 2021 should be the time to make sure your GMB profile is completely updated.

This will give your properties the best opportunity of achieving more visibility and higher placement in search engine results and on Google Maps.

Tip: Focus on claiming multiple categories for your property to increase exposure.

Here’s a video on how to do that.

#2—Review Your Marketing For Brand Consistency

It’s the beginning of the year, which is the perfect time to do a quick brand audit. Take a look at all channels, platforms, ads, listings, brochures, websites, and signage to make sure you’re consistent with your overall messaging, brand colors, and imagery.

Tip: While you’re going through this exercise, make it a point to check the phone numbers and emails—make sure they all go to the right place/property.

#3—Offer Multiple Apartment Viewing Options

The emphasis here is on letting prospects know how easy it is to view/tour an available apartment amid COVID-19. Consider adding visuals and clever imagery to showcase your touring options (e.g., “Want to tour an apartment? Here’s how easy it is…”).

Tip: Consider live-streaming an open house or apartment tour. Be sure to promote it ahead of time.

#4—Review Your Paid Traffic (Google Ads) & Stretch Your Ad Dollar

If you’re running Google Ads to promote a property, there’s a very good chance you’re overspending in areas you’re not aware of.

By taking a look at the Day, Time of Day & Devices of where you’re getting conversions/leads, you’ll uncover opportunities to reallocate your ad spend.

For example, Sundays may be a day where you’re spending the most money on ads and seeing the least amount of conversions. Changing up your bidding strategy by redefining your schedule can place that money on another day of the week where you see the most conversions at a lesser cost.

Tip: Use retargeting ads within Google to keep your property “Top of Mind” for those prospects that visit your website and leave without taking action. Your retargeting ads can follow them around on other sites they visit.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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