More Than Marketing Presents: 5 Questions with Windell Mollenido, Director of Marketing


More Than Marketing is a new educational series from Resident360, where we ask Marketing Directors throughout the country 5 questions. Today, you’ll meet Windell Mollenido.

More Than Marketing - Windell Mollenido

Meet Windell… Windell Mollenido has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and website development. His experiences also include SEO, SEM, business development, social media campaigns, project management, information technology, graphic design, public relations, and marketing strategy.

At The REMM Group, he delivers new innovative solutions to an array of challenges facing our constantly evolving industry. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Irvine and earned a Masters of Business Administration from Saint Leo University.

Windell believes that introducing new innovative technology is the key to advancing our industry, but also reminds colleagues that people come first because technology is just a tool. He lives in Los Angeles with his fiancé and rambunctious Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Mccormick.

Q1:  What are the top decisions you make as the Marketing Director of your organization?

As the Marketing Director for The REMM Group, one of my primary responsibilities is determining which marketing sources are the most cost-effective for driving traffic to each of our apartment communities. On a daily basis, our team reviews our analytics through Yardi’s Business Intelligence tool, Orion BI, to determine which communities need traction. We then do a deep dive into the analytics and community’s overall lead performance to determine opportunities for growth. These areas include Internet Listing Services, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Lease, referral programs and more. Based on lead to lease conversions, traffic numbers, cost, and onsite team feedback, our team determines if specific lead sources are cost-effective or not.

This drives a big decision in whether or not we keep, upgrade or remove a specific marketing source service. In addition, based on this consolidated data of performance, we can recommend an additional lead source to a community.

Another important decision within my primary responsibilities is the overall marketing budget numbers. Each year we review each community’s budget, and we optimize our marketing budget to meet leasing goals. I collaborate with regional managers, onsite teams, and executives to determine budget numbers for each community.

Each community is unique, and we customize the budgets with a holistic approach to marketing. Some areas can be fixed costs, but a portion of this budget requires major decisions that affect not only the expense line item but the overall leasing performance which directly affects rent revenue.

Our company’s Southern California market expertise gives us an edge in developing customized budgets that maximize profits for our clients.

Q2:  What small change has made a big difference in your life?

Early in my professional life, I believed that multi-tasking was the way to go. Starting more projects at the same time would mean completing more projects over time. However, that methodology does not work in a fast paced environment with emails inundating your inbox, unexpected meetings being scheduled, text messages ringing your cell phone and other interruptions.

In addition, the projects that we must complete today require critical thinking, collaboration, and focus. It wasn’t until one my mentors reminded me of an old Russian proverb, “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”

This reminded me to focus on one thing at a time instead of splitting my focus on multiple projects. I then took that proverb one step further, chase the fat slow rabbit. When deciding which project to tackle, prioritize the one that has a bigger return on investment and can be completed faster.

Q3:  What is one multifamily industry trend you are most excited about?

Everyone in our industry is exhibiting a strong interest in new technology. We are willing to take a risk and try new innovative programs to solve challenges in all facets of our job. I’m excited to see start-up companies from other industries entering property management and disrupting the status quo.

From online payments, digital marketing, work orders to automated leasing solutions, every area in property management is up for disruption. Every week, I read about new innovative technology making our everyday processes faster, more cost-effective or just obsolete.

Q4:  What is something that you’ve learned that you lean on daily?

Ask for help. In today’s world, information is at our fingertips; however, we don’t know if we can trust all that information that we just Googled. Collaborating with our colleagues, experts, and industry partners plays a vital role in finding the best solution to big challenges.

If time permits, always collaborate before making a big decision. Sometimes, having a colleague’s perspective can help you realize a simple solution to a very complicated problem.

Q5:  What are the biggest marketing challenges communities are facing today?

Marketing communities successfully are dependent on having a strong onsite team. Therefore, I believe the biggest challenge we face is finding the right talent to lead our evolving industry. Most people who enter our industry happen to fall into it while chasing other career paths; myself included.

With our limited pool of experienced candidates, it is important to invest in our future by offering training programs that develop our bench talent.

For example, at The REMM Group, we have a Senior Mentorship Program, an E-Learning platform, weekly webinars, regional seminars, new hire trainings and most importantly a spectacular training manager who makes the entire system work. The most valuable asset of our property management company is our team; therefore, we invest in our team.

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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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  1. Windell is an outstanding part of our team. At the speed technology is revolutionizing multifamily management, we value Windell’s enthusiasm for innovations that are cost effective for our clients. I’m sure other’s will find his answers useful. Thank you Josh.

  2. Absolutely… Great insight shared!

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