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Josh Grillo is the Co-founder and President of Resident360. Josh first began shaping Internet marketing strategies back in 2000, creating website products for ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX TV stations. By 2005, he had created a new trend in marketing that combined TV commercials, websites, vanity phone numbers, and Internet marketing. This new trend generated more than $50 million in revenue for clients in less than 24 months. In 2010, Josh began working directly with multifamily companies on Internet marketing and lead generation strategies. With 15 years’ experience, Josh has perfected a blend of Internet marketing and direct response triggers that give multifamily clients proven, outstanding results.

Positive, Passionate & Purpose Driven

Growing up on the east coast, Josh was always driven by business. With a notebook full of ideas, Josh moved out to the west coast and took residence in San Diego where he lives with his wife Natasha and their two sons Jad and Max. On the weekends, you’ll find Josh at the beach, either surfing or sailing.
"Beyond square footage, amenities, and location, what sets one property apart from another is the intangible quality that’s as elusive as it is powerful: the brand. A successful one transcends product, becoming an attraction in itself. People desire its association, even for a premium."

Josh Grillo

President, Resident360

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