[Google Ads Roundup] Top 5 Performing Apartment Ads For June, July & August


At Resident360, we like to pull back the curtain and share with you what’s working now for apartment advertising. In this case, it’s Google Ads (formerly AdWords). 

Multifamily Google Ads

Here’s the 5 top performing ads from all the accounts we manage, complete with stats and a write up on why they work so well.  This is from June to August. We included both search and display ads. Enjoy!

#1. Top Performing Apartment Ad In Google Search

Why it works: Location description is clearly stated in the second headline of the ad. Whether it’s Mauldin, SC or San Diego, CA, stating the city is not enough to describe where your community is located.

You don’t want prospects to find out you’re on the other side of town after they’ve clicked on your Google Ad.

For this ad, we stated a major freeway and road the community is near which gives residents an easy commute. Great location? Make sure to flaunt it!

The Stats:

  • 1,694 Clicks
  • 14,094 Impressions
  • 12.02% CTR
  • 759 Conversions
  • Avg. CPC $0.80

The Conversions:

  • 223 Calls
  • 9 Email Leads
  • 345 Check Availability Requests

#2. Top Performing Apartment Ad In Google Search

Why it works: Common questions asked are clearly answered in the description. This is important especially when it comes to Student Apartments.

You immediately check off the must-haves (i.e. fully furnished, utilities included) of prospects and send even more interested prospects to your site.

The Stats:

  • 525 Clicks
  • 3,163 Impressions
  • 16.60% CTR
  • 76 Conversions
  • Avg. CPC $1.82

The Conversions:

  • 48 Calls
  • 28 Email Leads

#3. Top Performing Apartment Display Ad

Why it works: High quality image matching ad copy. Nothing is worse than “luxury” ad copy with a less than luxury image.

The Stats:

  • 1,432 Clicks
  • 137,712 Impressions
  • 1.04% CTR
  • 37 Conversions
  • Avg. CPC $0.20

The Conversions:

  • 37 Calls

#4. Top Performing Apartment Display Ad

Why it works: Have a unique amenity? Don’t just say it, display it. This community features an expansive indoor pool. It also helps that the image includes a vibrant yellow that stands out and breaks through the noise.

The Stats:

  • 1,740 Clicks
  • 106,665 Impressions
  • 1.63% CTR
  • 44 Conversions
  • Avg. CPC $0.11

The Conversions:

  • 44 Calls

#5. Top Performing Apartment Display Ad

Why it works: Top amenities are being shown in one photo: riverfront access & views, saltwater pool, lounge seating & day beds.

A high-quality rendering can be powerful for ads and website when you don’t quite have photos yet.

The Stats:

  • 2,803 Clicks
  • 270,376 Impressions
  • 1.04% CTR
  • 65 Conversions
  • Avg. CPC $0.11

The Conversions:

  • 55 Calls
  • 10 Email Leads


While there are many factors that go into creating the quote on quote “Perfect Ad” it’s very easy to overlook the end result, leads.  It’s imperative to look at your Google Ad campaigns and compare them to what’s actually happening onsite.  Are you seeing an increase in quality leads?

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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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