Videos for Apartment Marketing

Here’s a quick video creation formula I’ve used over the years that can easily be applied to apartment marketing.

I call it the 10×10 Formula and, when executed, will give you 20 short videos for your apartment community.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1—Write down the top 10 most commonly asked questions you receive from new prospects/residents; succinctly provide the answers.

Step 2—Write down the top 10 “should ask” questions and corresponding answers. These are the questions your prospects/residents should be asking but aren’t.

Step 3—Film yourself with your smartphone asking and answering one of the above questions. The goal is to have one question and answer per video.

Here’s an example:

Hi! It’s Josh from Estancia Apartments. One question we always get asked is, “Are we a pet-friendly community?” Yes! Estancia Apartments has an outside pet park complete with a dog wash station.  We welcome dogs and cats up to 75 pounds and have a 2 pet max limit. For more information or if you would like to check out one of our apartments, give us a call at 855-360-9327.

Step 4—You should now have up to 20 videos you can upload to a YouTube channel as well as your own website.

Step 5—When uploading to YouTube, give your video the proper title and description. I like including the local area in my title.

For example:

Title: Pet Policy for Estancia Apartments in La Jolla

Description: Paste your question and answer used in the video here. Also include the property address, phone, and website.

Keep in mind:

Audio—To achieve good sound quality, consider investing in a microphone for your smartphone. Here’s one I’ve used that works really well.

Tripod—If you are not able to enlist the help of a coworker or friend to video you, use a smartphone tripod or selfie stick.  Here’s one I like.

Presentation of information—These videos are meant to be informative and engaging with the goal of answering commonly asked questions about your apartments. Don’t overcomplicate it.

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