Apartment Advertising – Generate Leads Right Now with Facebook’s Marketplace


Here’s a new apartment advertising idea you should be considering right now- Facebook’s Marketplace.

In this post, I’ll share my experience of using the marketplace for advertising an apartment.  You’ll also see first hand the results of an apartment community using the marketplace for advertising their apartments.

Here’s a little teaser:

Facebook's Property Rentals for Apartment Advertising


So if you’re looking for a FREE, new lead source, you’ll love this post. 

Let’s dive right in…

Facebook recently added a Property Rentals category to their Marketplace. The Marketplace is very similar in look and feel to Craigslist and acts in the same matter – to sell your stuff. It’s the perfect apartment advertising vehicle.

Apartment Advertising on Facebook's Marketplace

I recently gave the Marketplace a test drive to see if it really makes sense for apartment advertising.  Here’s my initial thoughts:

#1 – Little to no competition

I’m in San Diego, so you can imagine the number of apartments for rent here.  In the Property Rentals category for San Diego, I counted 88 listings.  Out of that, only a handful looked like they were well done listings.  I posted my sample ad for the area I live in now (Del Cerro).  I was the only ad posted for that area, and it’s a well sought after neighborhood. Not just that, but I showed up as the first listing for San Diego since it was a new post.

#2 – It’s easy to post a listing

It took me about 5 minutes to post a simple ad with one photo, title and description.  You could literally copy your Craigslist ads here. They have a pricing filter as well.

#3 – Use the same strategies as Craigslist

Use the same strategies that you would use if you were posting a Craigslist ad. Great titles, great descriptions with proper spacing and great photos always win.  Don’t forget to include keywords people might be searching (pets, view, hot spots, etc). It’s a good idea to stay away from looking to0 corporate.  Facebook is like a coffee house. You need to appear personal.

Now, The Big Question – Should You Post Your Properties Here?

Apartment Advertising on Facebook's Marketplace Property Rentals

Absolutely!  Within 3 hours of posting my sample ad, I had 15 people reach out to me through Facebook that were interested. Crazy, right?

Wait! It gets better… 

I posted this same article in our weekly Apartment Marketing newsletter and one reader took massive action. See their results below:


We’ve had great success in just one week using the Facebook Marketplace. We have posted ads daily and the results are as follows:

  • Monday’s ad- seen by 59 (4 inquiries)
  • Tuesday’s ad- seen by 761 (4 inquiries)
  • Wednesday’s ad- seen by 1466 (26 inquiries)
  • Thursday’s ad- seen by 1258 (29 inquiries)

In addition to all of the exposure, we have had 6 of the 63 inquires actually tour and 3 of the 6 have leased with us. That is 4% of interactions with the 63 inquiries which is great for free marketing! This is all within just five days of daily ad postings.

We posted different ads and taglines each day. We have found that the ads that are more organic have had better exposure. The first ad posted with less views looked more commercial whereas the other ads were authentic photos of the actual apartment that we were marketing.

Whispering Hills is looking forward to continuing to explore this new marketing avenue. We would like to thank Resident 360 for giving us the idea in their weekly newsletter. This was just one of many great ideas that we have generated from your newsletter. Thank you again!

Lisa O., Whispering Hills Apartments


Now it’s your turn…

That’s right, you can’t just read this post and not take action. Just remember, the Property Rentals category is a fairly new addition to the Marketplace. That means there will be some kinks to be worked out.  Especially on your end.

The three biggest things to think about:

  • New processes for posting these ads (so far it only looks like you can post from a personal page)
  • How to properly respond to interested people (they come in through Facebook Messenger)
  • Changing up your ads to see what works best for response

Wrapping Up

Just remember this – It’s very early and the masses have NOT adopted it yet as an apartment advertising lead source (but you can believe it’s coming).  That’s my 2 cents. Now get testing.

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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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