The Ideal Way to Setup Your Apartment Website Photo Gallery


This is the “ideal” way to set up a photo gallery on your apartment website!

The photo gallery should not be viewed as simply an afterthought, but another excellent opportunity to take a prospect on a tour of your community.

So instead of just putting up a mixed bag of property photos, let’s put some thought into how to best portray your community in pictures.

Here’s what I recommend:

#1 – Start by showing your interior photos first. Starting with kitchens, living rooms, then moving to bedrooms & bathrooms. Just like you’re giving an in-person tour of a unit.

#2 – Next, amenity photos—start with the pool photo (if you have one), and then arrange your best/most used amenities after that while still trying to follow a tour route order as much as possible.

One more thing to consider is adding photo filters to the top of your page if you’re showing a ton of pictures. This can lead to a better user experience as they can now pick the category of photos they want to see.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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