The “TLC” Strategy for Improving Your Apartment Marketing


Let’s share a strategy called TLC that we use here at Resident360!

TLC stands for Traffic, Leads, and Customers and it helps me quickly identify areas where I need to improve my marketing each month. It’s super easy to follow (always a plus), and I am confident you will see the value as well.

T – Traffic

For example:

  • If Google/Facebook Ads are one of your top sources, consider increasing your ad budget over the short term if you need more traffic.
  • If Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist or another free listing source is on your list, consider posting ads more often.
  • If organic traffic is a top source, consider spending more time optimizing your website by focusing on the on-page SEO elements.

Make it a habit to look at the sources every month and see what you can do to maximize that traffic. Consider having a Digital Dashboard to visually show you what’s happening.

A second part of the traffic model is to identify one or two additional traffic sources you’re not utilizing but should test.

L – Leads

This is a question I ask myself and the Resident360 team all the time. We have a ton of traffic, but at times it appears we’re not getting all that many leads. So I focus on the following:

  • My ad copy and what’s actually being shown on my website when someone comes from those ads.
  • Reviewing website copy frequently to make sure my messaging is on point.
  • Carefully reviewing email forms, especially looking at the copy that’s on the actual forms. Asking myself: Does the person know exactly what to do when they go to this form? Am I asking too much information or too little?
  • I review Live Chat conversations to make sure what we’re saying is correct, and we’re not missing opportunities for what we could have said.

C – Customers

Review your leasing process, making sure you have a step-by-step plan that covers the time frame from when you receive the email, phone call, or walk-in lead all the way to converting them into a resident. Then examine each step of your process to see if you can improve it. Some ideas to try:

  • Can you add video messages to your email follow-up?
  • Can you improve your phone/conversational skills?
  • Can you follow up in a shorter period of time?
  • Can you improve response time on leads?
  • Can you offer more options for apartment viewing/tours?

One final tip: Start treating prospects like residents before money changes hands. Demonstrate your willingness to provide service and assistance. It just may provide the incentive they need to make the leap to a resident.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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