Quickly Audit Your Property’s Google My Business Listing


Here’s a quick audit that you can use when reviewing your property’s Google My Business Listing. This is by no means meant to be a complete, deep-in-the-trenches audit—but something you can simply do in a few minutes.

The reason you perform an audit is to make sure your prospects aren’t stumbling upon negative information while researching your property.

Let’s get started by Googling your community name plus your area so you can see your public-facing GMB listing. Once you’re there, you can begin the audit.

#1 – Do you have at least five good images uploaded?

The two images to pay special attention to are at the top of your GMB listing. The first image is the picture that is on the left side and has the words “See Photos” on it. This is your “Cover Photo” and you can manually change it by logging into your GMB dashboard (GMB Dashboard>Click Photos>Click Cover). Make sure it’s a high-quality image and not a user-uploaded photo.

The second image you want to pay attention to is the “Logo Photo” which is directly below the “See Outside” image. Most companies miss this opportunity to upload their logo here. This can be done by logging into the GMB dashboard (GMB Dashboard>Click Photos>Click Logo).

When you click the “See Photos” section on your listing, you want to make sure you have at least five good-quality images uploaded.

If you can upload more, even better.

#2 – Do you have an “About” paragraph written?

If you look toward the bottom of your listing, you’ll see your “About” paragraph (if you’ve already done this step).

Give it a quick read; be sure it is engaging and friendly. If it requires an update, use this simple 3-step copywriting formula:

  • Tell them what you have to offer—apartment amenities, etc.
  • Tell them how it will help them—highlight the benefits of living here
  • Tell them what to do next—a great CTA

#3 – Have you answered all questions asked in the Q&A section?

This is probably the most overlooked section of a GMB listing—and can pose the most threat. You can find it by looking at the middle of your listing—”Questions & Answers.”  Here’s how this section works:

Pretty much anyone can post a question on your listing… And you guessed it, pretty much anyone can respond to them. So you’ll always have a mix of questions that have replies and questions that don’t.

This is where you want to spend your time because you may have a few disgruntled residents posting negative comments. Go through every question and make sure you answer all of them. Consider adding your own Top 10 Questions and Answers to the listing. This will help you control the messaging that is being put on your GMB listing.

#4 – Have you addressed ALL reviews—positive and negative?

To finish your audit, make sure all posted reviews have been responded to—negative and positive.

Then consider logging into your GMB dashboard and copying the Review link that they supply for you (GMB Dashboard>Click Home) You’ll find it on the right side titled “Share review form.” This will make it easy to get reviews in the future from new residents.

Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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