Google Ads for Apartments

Fixed Price, Done-For-You Google Ads Management

Send qualified traffic to your own apartment websites through Search, Geotargeting and Remarketing campaigns. We write the ad copy, design the ad creatives, & run profitable campaigns. Get up and running in 72 hours and control your own budget.

Google Ads is perfect for:

  • Portfolios looking to reduce costs
  • Properties needing steady traffic
  • Lease-ups, rebrands & takeovers
Google Adwords for Apartments
600Nobe Google AdWords for Apartments Managment

How We’re Different

Our focus is on generating quality leads, that’s the measurement of our job. If we’re not performing, you’re free to leave at any time. We also specialize in multifamily, so we know exactly how to create your Google Ads campaigns to get potential residents to take action. Additionally, as a Google Premier Partner, we get early access to new product releases, which means you get to try new Google features before your competitors even know they exist.

  • Google Premier Partner
  • Specialize in Multifamily
  • “Smart Ads” Real-time Pricing Ads
  • Dedicated Account Expert
  • Personalized Service

The People Behind The Ads

Your daily contact will be with a multifamily expert who knows your account inside and out. They will be a Certified Google Ads Professional that has worked on 100+ multifamily accounts. They excel in providing education and explanation, so you have a deeper understanding of what keywords are driving traffic, what's reducing your cost per click prices and what's moving the needle for conversions.
Google Ads for Apartment Team
Google AdWords Premier Partner for Apartments

Google Ads Experts in Multifamily

Resident360 is a certified Google Premier Partner specializing in multifamily real estate, this means all our campaigns are reviewed at the highest level for maximum efficiency and success. We have over 8+ years of experience running Google Ads for apartment communities, plus we manage over $3 million annually in ad spend. We know what works and what doesn’t. Together, we will construct a digital strategy setting your communities apart.

Proprietary "Smart Ads" for Real-Time Unit Pricing Ads

Apartment Smart Ads is a new technology from Resident360 that pulls real-time pricing from LRO software and pushes it to Google Ads real-time. This means paid apartment ads appearing on Google can now be displayed with updated rent pricing in real-time, automatically, around a specific unit. The result is Apartment Smart Ads delivers a higher-qualified prospect for communities using Google Ads.
Google AdWords for Apartments - Smart Ads
Apartment Marketing Dashboard for Google Ads (Adwords)

Fully Accountable with Digital Dashboard

You always have access to your results. There is nothing to hide, and we provide real-time transparent reporting that you can access on the go through the Dash360 marketing dashboard. The end result is what matters most – quality leads.
Multifamily Marketing Agency Denstock
Case Study

Expect Exceptional

The Denstock Management name is synonymous with exceptional quality, luxury, and superior service. We were excited to get to help them redesign their brand and develop a web presence that is fitting to their name.
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Trillium Brochure Multifamily Branding Company
Case Study

Modern Comfort in the Heart of Spokane Valley

We recently renamed, repositioned, and rebranded this community located in Spokane Valley Washington. Trillium is an iconic 3 petal flower common to the area. A perfect balance of nature and modern style the name avoided overused northwest tropes to have a more memorable impact.
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Apartment Marketing Company
Case Study

500% Increase in Applications in 60 Days.

Competing with newer offerings in the area, Pavilions Apartments came to Resident360 to boost their online presence and increase their web traffic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) lets you reach potential residents that are using Google to search for apartments in your area. You can choose where your apartment ad appears, set a monthly budget you’re comfortable with and measure the impact of your ad.

What does my spend go towards?

Your spend is allocated towards campaigns in the Search and Display Networks.

What should my spend be?

We help recommend a spend that will best suit your needs based on your sub-market and occupancy goals.

Can I change my spend after the campaigns have started?

Yes! The great thing about Google Ads is that you can adjust your spend based on your occupancy goals.

How do you know Google Ads was what led to a conversion?

We set-up conversion tracking that fires only when someone comes from a Google Ad to the community website and takes the designated action such as submitting a contact form.

How long do I have to wait before we can make adjustments to my campaigns?

Typically we’d like to wait at least two weeks to make any new significant changes which take into account seven day learning period for Google.

What’s the onboarding process like?

Your dedicated account expert will reach out with our Community Success Form. The CSF asks the right questions to help us build the most successful Google Ads campaign as possible. Once the campaigns are ready to launch, your dedicated account expert will schedule a kick-off call to review the campaigns and go live.

Do I need a video to advertise on YouTube?

No. With the Display Network and Discovery Campaigns, your ads are eligible to appear on YouTube. If you want to make the most of YouTube, we do recommend having a short video which will then allow us to run pre and post-roll ads.
"They are more than a good online marketing company. Resident360 is our secret weapon."

Karen Bacot

The Beach Company

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