How Are You Selling The Amenities On Your Apartment Website?


An easy way to improve the marketability of your community is to enhance the Amenities page on your apartment website. Lately we’ve been coming across several apartment websites where the Amenities page is just a list, like below:

Apartment Amenity Pages

This type of page layout does nothing to sell your amenities.

It’s telling me what they are, but why can’t I see them?

An easy way to improve this page is to take your top 2, 3 or 4 amenities and showcase them as photos.

Resident360 Apartment Marketing Ideas

If you don’t have great photos, use stock photography to convey the amenity.  This should be fairly easy if the amenity is a pool or dog park, like in the example above.

If you’re using a bullet list, trade those average everyday bullets for something more creative. You can always try icons such as:

Resident360 Apartment Website Design Amenities Page
Lastly, think about the headlines and copy on your amenities page. Strong copy used in a fun format will draw the visitor in even more.

Apartment Amenities Page

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Written by Josh Grillo

Josh Grillo is a #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Resident360.

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